Leather tiles

Leather tiles or leather panels are a new solution in the field of design that allows you to create an original and luxurious interior. Tiles made of leather can create fantastic and cozy atmosphere and make your interior very spectacular and original. The distinguishing advantages of leather tiles are fast mounting, easiness of cleaning and repair. In case of material's deterioration you can change the elements selectively.

Leather tiles in the interior

Leather tiles can be used to design the inside of the private houses and apartments such as living rooms, studies, nurseries, lobbies, kitchens and bathrooms. Public spaces such as restaurants, clubs, salons, hotel rooms, car passenger compartments, yacht cabins can be designed with leather as well. The boundaries of leather tile decoration depend only on your imagination

The exterior appearance of leather tiles

We provide individual embossing such as logos and inscriptions on tiles. Exclusive hand-made cutting and embossing on leather of any shape and color are available as well.

Production of leather panels

We can produce tiles from your drawings or even from rough drafts made by hand. Absolutely any shape, size and quantity are possible. You can also make use of complete solutions suggested by our highly qualified personnel.

The materials of leather panels

Panels are made of natural material which has a wide variety of amazing qualities. A leather tile consists of a backing and leather itself. The function of a backing is to provide required strength and hardness to the material. A backing can be wooden, plastic or porcelain. There can also be a resilient layer between leather and a backing. Leather tile covering is a felicitous variant at all times