Leather in the interior

The use of leather in the interior has practically no limits. It can be of any shape, color and texture and can be used in the facing of domestic and business premises. The dressing of the interior with leather is the most stylish and practical solution for decor. Doorknobs, wardrobes, tables and refrigerators - practically everything can be covered with leather. The decoration of walls, floors and ceilings with leather tiles is the best way to make the room comfortable. 'Skinroyce' is the Ukrainian representative of Italian companies that produce leather tiles such as Pelle and Afiordipelle

Unlimited opportunities

The realization of any consumer's wishes owing to great variety of different colors and textures

Office premises covered with leather

The covering of conference rooms, private offices, reception desks and lobbies. Producing of materials according to your design or creation of office interior's elements by our specialists.

Leather designing of hotels

The designing of suite rooms, lounges and reception desks.

The use of leather in the restaurant designing

The execution of orders of any complexity

Skilled specialists. The production of materials on up-to-date equipment. Compendious time of performance

The wide range of applying

Leather dressing of any element of the restaurant's interior

Customized approach

The execution of orders from your drawings or even from rough drafts made by hand. Any shape, size and quantity are possible

For interior designers

We will bring to life your most challenging designer ideas of how to use leather in the interior

The advantages of leather covering

  • Soundproofing (4.5 db)
  • Thermal insulation (K value = 0.17 W/(m*K))
  • Durability (up to 20 years)
  • High aesthetic qualities
  • Diversity of colors, textures and shapes
  • Easiness of mounting
  • Practicality. In case of deterioration it's sufficient to change only one element of covering but not to do everything anew

Dent and scratch protection

Resistant to colorants

Heat and liquids stability

Easy to wash off

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